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Ready to monetise your passion & grow your business?

Learn the 7 key steps to creating the business and life you are fiercely passionate about! 

Laura is professional Business Coach working with visionaries globally, supporting them to monetise their passion, share their message with the world and grow a profitable, purpose led business. 

Laura is also a professionally trained, award-winning speaker and has spoken on international stages including at Forbes.

She was awarded by the Financial Times as a Top 20 Future Female Leader and by Yahoo! Finance as a Global Champion of Women in Business,

Laura is also the host of the highly successful The Corporate Breakout Code podcast where she interviews inspiring entrepreneurs that have pursued their passion creating a purpose led business.

If you are a visionary, a change maker, that knows in your heart you were born to do great things in this world, then I invite you to apply for your Breakthrough Call with me now where we will discuss how I can support you on your journey.

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"If you are considering working with Laura, grab the chance. She is a breath of fresh air and a lightning bolt. She will jolt you out of your comfort zone, challenge you to think about what you really want from your career and life and support you to change behaviours and thinking patterns that are holding you back. Like Jack Welch, she knows when to push you and when to hug. Laura has amazing energy, is incredibly supportive and if you have a business idea that might just change the world, she is the person who will help you to make it happen!"

Paula Gibbs
International Lawyer turned Financial Entrepreneur

"Regardless of where you are in your current state, working with Laura will give you the tools needed to move into the next level of your life whatever you are working towards. I desired to work with Laura because I knew her exceptional presentation skills, commitment to empowering women & trusted voice would help me find my own. Since working with Laura, I now feel more equipped to speak on stage as a trusted and credible voice, and to present concisely & confidently. If you are considering working with Laura, just take that first step & connect with her! The beauty of working with Laura as a coach is the flexibility & personalisation of the areas you work on together. "

Claire Doran

"Laura has helped me make more progress in my life than years of any other coaching or personal development work I ever did. Laura has a gift for helping you become the best version of yourself and achieving breakthrough results in your business. I am eternally grateful to Laura for equipping me with the life skills and tools that I can take with me forever more to continue to create the life and business I deserve and desire most. If you are thinking of working with Laura, my advice would be not to waste any time and get talking to her as soon as you can. You will not regret it. You may only regret not speaking with her sooner. She is an incredibly intelligent, kind and beautiful woman inside and out and I have complete confidence she will guide you in exactly the way you need wherever you are right now.”"

Nicole Crosbie
Financial Consultant turned Entrepreneur

"Laura is an outstanding coach and her unyielding drive to support me to excel and perform at my best, has been invaluable in my career. With Laura's support, I have raised my profile internally and externally which is a key step to success in my career. I appreciate Laura’s remarkable positivity in an environment and an industry that can be often demanding and stressful. Laura is an absolute pleasure to work with and an incredible inspiration to me. "

Elizabeth Turner
European Counsel

"Laura has coached many women in the industry. She's done this with wisdom beyond her years. The industry needs more young women willing to be generous in encouraging women to succeed. Laura is bright, motivated and ‎determined to make a difference for women in the industry. I am honoured to have such a phenomenal young woman in my life."

Amanda Pullinger
CEO 100 Women in Finance

"Laura is a very talented coach and an engaging speaker. Within minutes of hearing her speak at my Speakers University training I made the immediate decision to put her on stage in front of 1000 people just 11 days later. She didn't disappoint. Her message on gender equality in the work place and female entrepreneurship is both timely and well thought out."

Andy Harrington
Professional Speaker Trainer

"Laura empowers others to be the best they can be. She has provided me with a level of confidence, self belief and positivity that has been essential in my career progress so far. With Laura’s personable approach to advice, I have been able to have faith in what I want and position myself for opportunities I did not think I would be able to do. Laura is a driven, powerful person with an uplifting personality. "

Jasmin Pullinger
Financial Services

"Laura provided an interactive workshop on public speaking focusing on how to deliver any speech with impact and influence. Laura spoke with great confidence and experience, and the feedback was extremely positive. I would recommend Laura to other companies looking for training on public speaking and boosting confidence. She was able to fully engage the room and provided practical tips and guidance, making the session extremely beneficial to all those who attended. "

Priya Singam
Stakeholder Lead at EY

Ready to grow your profitable purpose led business?

Learn the 7 key steps to creating the business and life you are fiercely passionate about! 

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